FESTIVAL SECO 2018 presents a content full of performances to enjoy the best live music and a good number of scenic proposals. This year, the leit-motiv of the festival is CROMA, the cinematographic effect that allows us to put ourselves in any unlikely situation. And to let one's imagination run wild, the festival, as it does every year, combines local and international bands and artists spread across different local platforms in Poble-sec, as well as a program full of events.

As every year, the program also includes proposals for performing arts, cinema with live music, gastronomy, visual art exhibitions and our usual children's program. FESTIVAL SECO continues its collective journey, involving associations and locals throughout the neighborhood, faithful to its self-management's spirit, with few resources and lots of love.

In this third edition we will continue to count on the support of our friendly rooms: Jam Circus, Sala Nook, Espacio Pedreres, Porta Roja, Bar Castaño and El Patán. The opening day on Thursday 12th will take place in El Catascopio art gallery, Tinta Invisible Ediciones and Porta Roja Association, which will host three exhibitions. To give a greater hourly coverage, we bet on Sala Upload on Friday the 13th and El Jardins de les Tres Ximeneies on Sunday the 15th, where intense musical days will take place. Our sound proposal includes the performances of Fasenuova (AST), Filastine & Nova (USA), Émbolo (TAR), Vernon Sullivan - Modern Obscure Music (BCN) and Martín Bruhn (ARG), as well as three international bands: Kinematik (LIB), La Minor (RUS) and Mandé Africa (BF). We will also have the presence of essential formations in the neighborhood, such as Cocanha (FR) and Till April (BCN), and mutant figures such as Kou Keri Kou (BCN) or Luistófoles (CHL). Bit by bit we will reveal new additions. Big Screen lovers can go on a good binge with Blanca Regó (GAL)'s work. And, once again, Natan Nexus (POL) will be the guest musician who will decorate the Live Film and Music sessions with his new melodies. We advance here that, for the closing day, we will have a stage in Els Jardins de les Tres Xemeneies where a popular feast will be offered accompanied by the performances of The Tope Dramatic, Brothers Glitter, Petals, Dogs in Costume, Boris Michael and the theatrical performance of Los Moñekos (CAT) and Cia Moveo (CAT), among other chromatic variants.